Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodbye Ankles!

For the past few weeks I've had to say goodbye to my ankles and hello cankles...and I am NOT a fan! I also must now rely on Nick to help me get socks and some of my shoes on...thank goodness for flip flops and AZ weather! (Did I just say thank goodness for AZ weather?!?! Well, at least now that it's starting to become bearable I guess I'm aloud to say that!!!)

Here is a picture of me at 37 weeks which is considered "Full Term". To me that means that I've entered that time period where Baby Holmes may make his/her apprearance any day now so I'm forcing Nick to keep his phone on him wherever he may go!

Hope everyone has placed their bet for the baby pool! Goodluck to all and we'll keep you posted!!!